5 kinds of the material storage basket


Seagrass grows in the shallow sea, after being exposed to the sun, it is flexible and simple; artificial weaving, the product of ingenuity. With the breath of seawater and sunshine.

A simple square storage box, with several duties, makes storage easy and artistic.

It can be used to put writing fruits and serve as a fruit basket; it can be placed on the coffee table and put some sundries, such as remote control, paper pump, toothpicks…

It can be placed in the kitchen to organize the bottles and cans together; it can be placed in the bathroom because there are more things in the bathroom; it can also be placed in the hallway with keys and door cards…..

When storing, let the home more spring breath, and bring a bright mood.

A binaural storage basket that can be lifted. The storage basket with two more ears becomes cute. You can also bring it when you go on a picnic.

If you are a craftsman and have a lot of needles and threads or fabrics, then you will need it; if you like to eat fruit, then you need it, even more, put a basket, enough for a day…

If you like to collect sundries, flowers, or dried flowers, then the storage basket can make them look more beautiful and have more taste in life…

In any case, you seem to be missing such a cute storage basket, take it home, put your hobby in the basket, and have a belonging.

2.Chinese fir

The cedar is soft and tough, and the natural breath follows. The beauty of weaving and the comfortable texture of the material can be experienced in life.

Handbasket, small basket. Warm and casual, it seems the most suitable storage for fruits and vegetables, put in the kitchen, add some smoke and natural flavor.

Storage hanging basket. Hanging quietly on the wall, the entrance is also good, but some small debris, or put a bunch of flowers more beautiful.

Food is taken from nature, and the utensils for holding food are also from nature. When they are together, they are not deliberately matched to create harmony, but they are comfortable in casual.

For the utensils used to hold fruits and vegetables, Chinese fir baskets are the most suitable. Of course, the utensils used for holding eggs, Chinese fir baskets are also very suitable. After all, this has been the case since grandma’s generation or even longer.

The magic of nature is that in life, you will inadvertently find that you have to look for inspiration from nature even if you accept this little thing.


We are very familiar with bamboo, and we are also very familiar with bamboo baskets, and the useful things will continue forever.

Tall, short, round, long, all kinds of small baskets, thinking about “transforming” oneself, can bring some convenience to storage.

In fact, in life, it is always accepted. You need an omnipotent helper for storage and easy cleaning and tidying up.

When you have breakfast, you can use it to hold bread; when you cook lunch, you can use it to hold washed vegetables; when you clean up the kitchen, you can use it to put some freshly bought food or spices.

Grandma is using it, a mother is using it, and we are using it. I don’t know how much life this small basket contains.

4.Willow branches

Did you know that willow branches can be woven into baskets? Choose soft and slender willow branches, without peeling them, you can weave into an environmentally-friendly and natural storage basket.

This basket is suitable for people who have a “small yard” at home. Fresh fruits and vegetables can be put in after picking.

There is no “small yard” at home and it’s okay, you can put anything you want. There is a curved hand, easy to take, and can be hung up.

In the past, the eggs or delicious ones were usually placed in such baskets and hung on the beams of the house, mainly to prevent children from eating them.

Spring is here, do you want to make a basket like this with willow branches?

5.Cotton linen

Clean and comfortable, soft and skin-friendly, the color is quiet and unassuming. Cotton and linen have always been the “little soft girl” in life, with a very easygoing personality.

The color of spring conveys nature and simplicity. It is suitable to be placed in the bedroom and living room to accompany you to rest time.

Small storage baskets, as large as washing tubs. They are all within their acceptable range, and they are indeed a good helper for household life.

The cotton and linen storage bucket is suitable to be placed around and can be obtained at hand. It is suitable to be placed in a comfort zone because the storage utensils are also divided into characters, and cotton and linen materials will not be inconsistent when placed in a more comfortable place.

The material of cotton and linen always makes you want to return to a quiet life, just let the storage process be quieter, storage is very cumbersome, but cotton and linen heal you.

Woven storage, just like spring, makes every cell in the body feel relaxed and comfortable. Want to get rid of the mess quickly, get rid of the long winter, maybe they can help you.

PS: Woven storage baskets go well with plants, and this combination is now popular in the plant world!


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