7 Styles Of Home Decor

Pursuit of personality and taste of home accessories

After the decoration is completed, use the accessories and furniture that are easy to replace and change positions, such as curtains, craft tablecloths, and decorative handicrafts, decorative ironwork, etc., to furnish and decorate the interior.

There are fabrics, paintings, plants, and so on. Home accessories, as a removable decoration, can better reflect the taste of the owner, and it is the finishing touch to create a home atmosphere.

home decoration

Breaking the boundaries of the traditional decoration industry, recombining handicrafts, textiles, collectibles, lamps, flowers, plants, etc., to form a new concept.

Home accessories can comprehensively plan the decoration design plan according to the size and shape of the room space, the owner’s living habits, hobbies, and their respective economic conditions, to reflect the owner’s personality and taste.

Fashion sense

In view of the current home decoration concepts and thoughts, according to the requirements of the occupants’ personality, age, occupation, cultural level, interests, hobbies, etc., it is manifested in a variety of cultural connotations and styles of home decoration and decoration. The styles mainly include The following types.

Chinese traditional style

Chinese tradition advocates dignity and elegance. Absorb traditional Chinese wooden structures to build indoor algae well ceilings, screens, partitions, and other decorations. Symmetrical spatial composition methods are often used, the brushwork is solemn and concise, and the space atmosphere is quiet, elegant, and simple.

Rustic style

The main performance is to respect folk traditional customs, customs, maintain folk characteristics, and pay attention to the use of local building materials or the use of local legends and stories as decorative themes. In the indoor environment, we strive to express the leisurely and comfortable pastoral life and create a natural, simple and elegant space atmosphere.

Natural style

It advocates returning to nature and nature, abandoning products made of man-made materials, and using natural materials such as wood, masonry, grass, rattan, and cotton cloth in interior design. These practices are particularly suitable in villa construction and are popular among people.

Retro Style

When people’s requirements for modern life are constantly being met, a new kind of yearning for tradition, nostalgia for ancient ornaments, and cherishment of traditional furnishings with artistic value are sprouted, and they are matched with the same style of wallpaper, curtains, carpets, furniture covers, and other decorative fabrics. Add a dignified and elegant aristocratic atmosphere to the interior.

Western classical style

This is a classic style that pursues gorgeousness and elegance. The main color of the room is white. The furniture is of classical bent-leg style, and the furniture, doors, and windows are painted white. The use of various floral decorations, rich wooden thread changes, and rich curtains are the fixed patterns of western traditional interior decoration, and the space environment often shows a gorgeous, splendid and romantic atmosphere.

Western modern style

Concise and lively as the main feature, pay attention to the efficiency of the indoor space, emphasize the principle of functional differentiation, the furniture layout, and space closely cooperate, and advocate the abandonment of redundant and cumbersome additional decorations to make quality and charm. In addition, decorative colors and shapes follow popular fashion.

Japanese style

The shape of the space is extremely simple, the furnishings are centered on the coffee table, and the square geometric shapes of wooden components on the wall echo the thin square wooden sliding doors and windows. The atmosphere of the space is simple, elegant, and soft. Mixed style (combined Chinese and Western-style): In terms of space structure, it not only emphasizes modern and practical, but also absorbs traditional features, and integrates Chinese and Western in decoration and furnishings. Such as traditional screens, coffee tables, modern-style wall paintings and door and window decoration, new sofas, which make people feel eclectic.

Home accessories buying skills

First of all, the quality and style must be in line with your own taste and aesthetics, and then the workmanship must be fine. The so-called fine refers to no flaws. However, the design that requires a simple style will often deliberately be made into shapes that are not particularly delicate, and pursue its vividness. For example, a handmade car model is a kind that looks rough on the surface but very vivid when you look carefully. It is vivid and very vivid. This type of home decoration is deeply loved by men.

Choose different types of handicrafts according to space. The living room is a hospitality space. Visitors stay here for a long time. In order to be pleasing to the eye, you can choose some very modern style accessories; the dining room or kitchen decorations are brightly colored, and lively and relaxed works are helpful. To promote the enjoyment of the dining atmosphere; the bedroom can freely choose personal or commemorative collections.

In addition, the value of home decorations should also be valued.

The difference between handicrafts and artworks lies in the quantity. Artworks are original, while handicrafts are allowed to be produced in large quantities. But the value of handicrafts is still worthy of our public’s favor. The characteristics of handicrafts are that they are processed and drawn by skilled art workers according to their designs. As each worker’s skills, understanding, and perception are different, they will be roughly the same but slightly different The unique temperament.

This is where the value of handicrafts lies. Of course, the quantity also determines its own value. How to measure its value? This can only be relatively more or less. For example, in your circle of friends, most people don’t have this kind of stuff, then if you have it, its value will increase, on the contrary, it will decrease.

Considering practicality, the range of home decorations nowadays is very wide, and it is no longer limited to a vase or a mirror frame. Even the dishes and chopsticks used for eating and the bottles and jars used for condiments can be regarded as home decorations. The dishes that used to be placed in the cabinet are now “invited” by people to the shelf on the tabletop, and they are equipped with a special cotton cover, which is both beautiful and practical.

Rice spatulas, soup spoons, and kitchen knives are all hung on the wall. Transparent condiment bottles, snow-white western dishes, orange washbasins, and dividers in drawers. These kitchen necessities are now closely related to home decorations. Linked together, putting these items in the kitchen is indeed a beautiful landscape.

In short. Don’t be too deliberate about the purchase of home decorations, don’t follow the trend, and don’t care about expensive or cheap. The most important thing is that it suits you and suits your home.


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