Do you know? Fashion starts with a rattan basket

People’s mood is closely related to the surrounding scenery. Rattan weaving is derived from nature, and it also contains ancient craftsmanship. And when this craft is applied to life, the natural “power” contained in it can always make people relax and wipe away fatigue. Every vine is an open life, which holds bright joy and soothes unspeakable sadness. It is simple, natural, and pure. Regardless of good times and bad times, its company is always the same.

The soft vine moved up and down, dancing on the dexterous fingers. It didn’t take long for a small and vivid object to be born. The most beautiful thing is not only the finished product but also the dedication and hard work of each step in the process.


Rattan weaving is a traditional handicraft that combines the charm of rattan with human wisdom. It takes full advantage of the soft and difficult-to-break characteristics of rattan. It uses rattan branches, rattan core, or bamboo as the skeleton, and then uses rattan bark or young rattan core to woven into various Kinds of utensils, furniture, or crafts. It usually goes through more than a dozen processes such as rattan beating (cutting the knots on the rattan), picking rattan, washing rattan, drying rattan, twisting rattan, rattan (planing rattan), cutting rattan, bleaching, dyeing, weaving, and painting. In terms of color, the light yellow of the original rattan is mostly used, or it is processed and bleached into white or ivory, which is soft and elegant, and some are matched with brown.

Most of their colors are natural and simple, with a slight urban elegance in the primitive, making the rooms full of leisure, comfort, and tranquility of nature.

In this scorching sun, of course, you can’t live without a rattan bag! It has a natural and simple and cool breath, and the texture of bamboo strips is full of holiday comfort, and it is perfect for matching with pure cotton or chiffon skirts.

Even for the usual commute, a long skirt of fragrant cloud yarn or silk with a rattan bag is extremely elegant and a beauty who walks out like a picturesque. Personally, I think that the temperament of the oriental girl complements the rattan bag, which is more graceful and elegant than the European and American people.

The rattan woven is ventilated, durable, and has strong plasticity. It can be made into furniture such as stools, tables, chairs, coffee tables, beds, etc. It is also suitable for weaving into bags, and even any small home furnishings. The rattan woven items are full of artistic atmosphere and cultural taste, and they also give people a return to the basics. The pure hand-woven, green materials, and traditional craftsmanship make the rattan woven gain people’s favor.

The pace of work in modern life is gradually accelerating, and the natural and fresh wind created by rattan weaving can visually slow down life. Perhaps this is an important reason why it is so popular today!

 The best rattan

The best rattan materials are produced in the primitive old forests along the border between Tengchong and Myanmar. There is a lot of vines with a tough texture and very long body-rattan. Its skin is smooth, smooth, and elastic. It is slanderous rather than slander, so it is called rattan, which is a good natural weave. material.

I have always liked bags made of natural materials, and I love bamboo and rattan even more. Each of the three bags below is carefully designed by the designer and hand-made by the master, with a touch of plant fragrance, unique. The shape of the bag, the handle, and even the buckle are professionally matched and combined, each stitch and thread, stroke by stroke, all ingenuity. The handle is made of mango wood imported from Thailand to prevent insects. The four corners of the bag are protected by cowhide, which increases the load-bearing while protecting the bag. They are bags that can be used for a long time, and the more they are used, the more beautiful they are, just like the beautiful things in time.

The designer model uses the most natural rattan, hand-woven, unique. The handle is mango wood imported from Thailand, which is insect-proof. Economical, practical, and environmentally friendly, recommended!

Weaving warmth and beauty with time, from growing to maturity, accept the baptism of time. The vertical and horizontal aspects of rattan weaving, such as the latitude and longitude of time, are the same principles for making bread, making soup, and living life. It needs to be carefully cooked, not tepid, everything is just right, there is no shortcut, and there is no rush. In this way, it is so beautiful. works.

The designer model uses the most natural rattan, hand-woven, unique. The handle is mango wood imported from Thailand, which is insect-proof. The semi-circular handle conforms to ergonomics and is very comfortable to hold. Commuter style, elegant, simple, and natural.

Evening primrose and Mount Fuji are the most suitable. This bag, like evening primrose, is gentle and exudes a gentle fragrance. Their goodness will be known only after passing through.

The designer model uses the most natural rattan, hand-woven, with a touch of plant fragrance, unique. Large capacity, pretty color, plant dyeing, natural and environmentally friendly, high-cost performance!

It’s so quiet, quieter than the sound of chanting. I took my rattan bag, riding a bicycle, the sweet-scented osmanthus that has not yet landed, light like a phantom. Originally I went to the distant mountains to pick up my dreams, but I woke you up.


1. Keep away from fire and heat sources.

2. The place where rattan bags are placed should be ventilated.

3. Avoid contact with corrosive chemical liquids, alcohol, nail polish, etc.

4. Generally speaking, rattan products are best-taken care of once every two to three months. If there is a lot of dust on the surface, use a vacuum cleaner or a feather duster to remove the floating dust. For cleaning, wipe it with a damp cloth dipped in light saltwater, and finally wipe it with a soft cloth, which can decontaminate and enhance its flexibility.


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