Find the secret of fermentation in the fermentation basket

During the French bread roaming last Sunday, we walked on the streets of France and learned about French specialty bread. In this country where bread is regarded as life, bread seems to have a soul similar to humans. If it is said that France is the most famous baguette, then the most flavorful is their unique French country bread. It has a unique, solid chewy, and simple appearance.

And this kind of country bread will have a special fermentation method-fermentation basket fermentation. There is very little information about this fermentation method on the Internet. Today, let’s popularize the knowledge of fermentation in the fermentation basket!

The mystery of the fermentation basket

It eliminates the possibility of using molds to bake bread. If you want to make bread with a higher flour ratio and a harder dough, it can maintain its own shape and can be baked directly on a baking stone or a baking tray. The dough with a softer texture and higher water content can be shaped and fermented using the fermentation basket, which will provide additional support.

The fermentation basket comes from France. It is called “banneton” in French. It mainly refers to a basket made of wicker, which may be pasted with fermentation cloth. It has various shapes, such as round, oval… Different sizes.

Fermented cloth means “bed” in French, that is, it exists like a mattress, allowing the dough to “lie” on the “bed” and ferment quietly. The fermented cloth is folded, and then the long loaves (such as baguette) are fermented. This is the most common use of fermented cloth. Its material is usually hemp, which belongs to the same category as the coarse cloth lining the fermentation basket.

Purpose of using fermentation basket

The purpose of using the fermentation basket is very simple. When the final fermentation, the dough expands in accordance with the shape of the container. After the fermentation is completed, the bread will have the unique lines of the fermentation basket, and it can be baked into various shapes according to the shape of the fermentation basket bread.

In addition, the fermentation basket is usually a rattan basket, which is very light and convenient to use, and the dough is not easy to stick. You can try to make it if you like.

How to use the fermentation basket for the first time

The newly purchased rattan baskets are easier to stick to the dough. At this time, we can spray a little rattan basket with a watering can, and then evenly sift some flour on the surface and let it dry overnight.

Sprinkle a layer of powder again when it is officially used to prevent the dough from sticking to the rattan basket. If there is burlap on the rattan basket, you also need to sprinkle a layer of flour and more. Some flour will be absorbed by the surface of the dough to help maintain its shape. After using it many times, the rattan basket will become more and more useful, and the powder will not need to be sprinkled again.

After use, do not need to wash, just dry directly. If there is still some dough sticking to it, you can rub it off first, sprinkle it with flour, and place it in a dry and cool place.

How to use: After the dough is fermented for the first time, sprinkle some flour on the chopping board, gently take out the dough, and then sprinkle some flour on the top of the dough to arrange the dough into a slightly neat and tensioned circle, with the mouth down.

Sprinkle some flour on the fermentation basket, gently move the dough into the fermentation basket, and put the dough into the basket with the mouth down, and then ferment. If you are not satisfied with the plastic surgery, you can let it rest for 15 minutes before performing another plastic surgery.

How to make a fermentation basket?

In addition to the traditional wicker weaved rattan basket or the one lined with burlap, we can also make a fermentation basket at home. We can use the plastic basket or colander we usually see and put a clean kitchen towel on it. The choice of fermentation container should be porous so that the dough can “breathe”, otherwise, the moisture in it will make the dough not stick to it, and the dough will collapse and deflate.

The fermentation basket gives the bread a unique and beautiful shape and has become a special symbol of French country bread. Interested “bread companions” can try to use the fermentation basket to make bread, which will definitely give you unexpected results.


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