Flower basket for myself

I remember,

Just like the small flowers in the field.

Not many petals,

Dor is not big,

But colorful and very beautiful.

There is less floral fragrance,

Without strong sweetness,

I feel the fragrance when I reach my nose,

I like fragrance.

When preparing for life,

I am just a blank sheet of paper.

When going to society,

Start to draw my own little flowers.

Paintings one by one,

The more you paint, the better.

I paint seriously.

Whether in the barracks,

Whether in the factory,

Whether it is soldiers,

Whether it is the people,

No matter where

Are constantly painting.

Every little flower,

Are pinned on my pursuit and exploration,

Every little flower,

It is all my hard work and sweat.

Draw more,

Put together,

Weave it,

When the curtain call to life,

May it be itself,

A flower basket dedicated to yourself.


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