Illustration of Chinese Bamboo Weaving Technology

The traditional bamboo weaving craft has a long history, it is rich in the crystallization of the hard work of the Chinese Han working people, and now you can see a variety of exquisite bamboo weaving crafts.

Some people don’t know the bamboo weaving craft. What are the common bamboo weaving methods? Next, I will briefly introduce you to common bamboo weaving methods.

Bamboo weaving process

1.Flat braid

The warp and weft strips are pressed one by one, and one is crossed up and down, leaving no gaps in the weft, which is the most widely used knitting method.

2.Four-corner hole braided bottom

The strips of warp and weft are picked one by one, pressed one by one, and weaved up and down, arranged in parallel at equal distances, leaving square holes.

3.Rice type braid

The strips are crisscrossed and overlapped or gradually expanded (such as fan-shaped), and two weft strips are used to pick one and press the other and weave it from the center to the outer circle.

4.Illustration of Twill Weave

In this knitting method, when the second weft of the horizontal weft is woven, the straight one must be spaced apart, two up and two down weaving, and the third one is spaced apart, and the weft is arranged in steps.

In addition to picking two and pressing two methods, 3/3 and 4/4 knitting methods can also be adopted.

5.Round mouth method

Start with four bamboo strips as a unit, and spread them in order as shown in the figure, then add four more, and pay attention to how they are intertwined. After reasoning, gradually increase. This is a more difficult editing method.

6.Hexagonal hole coding

This method starts with three bamboo strips, and then three bamboo strips are woven into hexagonal holes, which will gradually increase with six strips.

7.Double triangle

Start with six bamboo strips, and then add six. After understanding the composition relationship between bamboo strips, gradually increase, as shown in the figure.

8.Triangular hole coding

It is made up of three strips, the first is at the bottom, the second is at the center, and the third is crossed and spread at the top, and the angles are equal; the second time, six bamboo strips are interspersed, and then gradually increase.


The warp materials are arranged for use. The first weft is woven with six up and two down, the second one is five up and three down, the third one is four up and four down, the fourth one is three up and five down, and the fifth one is six. The upper and the lower knitting form a trapezoidal step-by-step pattern, with five wefts as the unit, and the knitting is sequentially increased, as shown in the figure.

10.Back to the font

Here is a style for everyone

The weaving method from the bottom of the square is based on the center, and the pattern is symmetrical up and down with three-pick and three-way patterns.

11.One pick one edit

First, arrange the warp materials, the weft materials are woven in a 1/1 method, with a bamboo strip on top and a bamboo strip on the bottom. The weaving method is extremely simple and easy to learn. Figure 1.

It can be evolved into various types such as 4/4 code, as shown in Figure 2.

And two-by-one interlacing; or 3/3, 2/2.

At present, there are hundreds of weaving methods for bamboo art products, and different weaving methods have been developed according to different uses. What’s more, I have mastered the skills of weaving text, three-dimensional weaving, and mixed-color weaving. I won’t write more here, because there are too many to digest.

Bamboo pattern

Let’s take a look at the bamboo weave pattern


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