Is indoor Reed Diffuser harmful to the body?

The following picture shows what we call fire-free rattan aromatherapy, which is composed of volatile sticks and aromatherapy liquid. Most of the volatile sticks are made of plant rattan, and some use carbon sticks, gypsum, etc. as the volatile medium. I want to know Whether aromatherapy is harmful to the human body, you only need to find out whether the aromatherapy liquid is harmful, and the aromatherapy liquid is composed of solvents and essences.

Reed diffusers

1. About the solvent

Rattan aromatherapy liquid solvents generally use the following categories, and these solvents are allowed to be used by the country, which means that from the currently known data, they are harmless to the human body. ,

2. About flavor

Many people talk about the color change as soon as they hear flavors, but they don’t know that flavors are not just simple chemical mixtures that people think in their hearts. Flavors are ubiquitous in our daily lives. They are divided into daily flavors and food flavors. Food flavors are like candy. , Tobacco and alcohol, beverages, hot pot bottoms, etc.

The essences used in the aromatherapy liquid we are talking about here belong to the category of daily fragrances, that is, the fragrances contained in the perfumes, shampoos, laundry detergents, skincare products, air freshener sprays that we usually use.

Therefore, based on the currently known data, it is also harmless to the human body.

1. Is there any law to follow for the safety of daily flavors?


Unlike edible flavors, there are no relevant laws and regulations for daily flavors to follow, and the “industry self-discipline” approach is implemented. IFRA is the most influential organization, the full name is “International Fragrance Association”. The National Perfumery Association is composed of units, and member states of the association must comply with the reference opinions listed by the association based on the safety experiments of perfumes.

In addition, there is the Institute of Daily Fragrance (RIFM) established in the United States in 1966. It is composed of major flavor and fragrance companies. It is mainly engaged in research on the safety of daily fragrances. The results obtained by this institution are also of strong reference significance. of.

However, research on the safety of fragrances is an uninterrupted task. Some fragrances have been proven to be safe and reliable at first, but they have gradually been found to be otherwise. For example, sunflower musk, due to its toxic effects on human skin and nerves, IFRA Since October 1985, it is recommended not to use this product in perfumes, cosmetics, and other fragrances, but it was previously deemed safe.

2. What exactly are the ingredients in the essence?

This involves the knowledge of “fragrance”, which is the technique that makes the aromatherapy you buy smell like “gardenia”

Therefore, flavors are composed of spices. The quality of flavors depends on the quality of flavors. Then I can tell you the natural flavors and synthetic flavors mentioned above, although you can use them with confidence! Some natural ingredients in perfumes have an effect on the human body, so when using them, pay attention to whether there are perfume ingredients that you cannot use at this time.

For example Muscone

Musk ketone is one of the main components of natural musk. It has a good musk aroma and is a very good fixative. However, due to the expensive nature of natural musk, the current musketoon is generally artificially synthesized, but it is still a “natural” fragrance.

However, muscone can excite the uterus and enhance the contraction of uterine smooth muscle. Therefore, pregnant women should not use it. However, many fragrances now use muscone as a fixative. It is difficult to guarantee that it is in the aromatherapy you buy. , But if things go on like this, the consequences are hard to say.

Reed diffusers

If you really want to understand whether it is harmful to the body, I have compiled an article on spices before, which is quite detailed, please move to my column:

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Three, about the concentration

The concentration is related to the proportion of the added fragrance and the size of the indoor space. If it is too strong, you can disperse the fragrance for a period of time and then stop using it, or keep it in a ventilated state. The high-concentration fragrance will only affect your olfactory nerves, as for your body Whether it is harmful or not, people say that everything should not be too much. Rattan aromatherapy itself is harmless, but just like a drink, drinking too much is not always necessary.


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