Natural Paper Woven Lamp, Natural Pendant

About this item
Let your home reflect your personality through this boho-inspired modern hanging rattan pendant light
The pendant light fixture comes with an iron frame and natural paper wrapping that will create a statement in your home
This basket light fixture can be paired with a decorative wood framed mirror or wood table, making it a great pendant lamp for your kitchen or foyer
This bamboo pendant light is a fusion of vintage and modernity creating a contemporary look while instantly brightening up a dull corner of a room
This modern basket pendant light measures 15.7″ x 10.2″ which is an absolute fit in your cozy space

Additional information

Weight 0.76 kg
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 26 cm

Black, Gray, White, Yellow


L, M, S

Details about Natural Paper Woven Lamp, Natural Pendant

Product description
“Woven Lamp, Natural Pendant Light- A Perfect Piece For Your Home. This Creative paper lamp is one stunning piece that comes with an elegant design to create a natural blend of elegance and modernity in your house, spelling out your penchant for finesse. The wicker light fixture can be used individually or can be used in a set. The detailing of the light creates an intriguing mix of modern and traditional. Letting your house be a reflection of your personality Pendant lights can be your most trusted partner when it comes to lighting up space. It can be a reflection of a personality that can stand out in a crowd. Its stylish fabric design clearly speaks of sophistication and its fringe detailing adds a classic touch to this piece. It can serve as the perfect hanging ceiling light. Let this piece be a great conversation starter Let this boho pendant light serve as a great conversation starter in the middle of gatherings.

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