Rattan bread basket — a necessary tool for bread making

I think many people have made bread, but have you made pure European country bread? Do you know what tools are needed to make European country bread? Today I will recommend a necessary tool for making a European country bread-fermentation basket.

A rattan fermentation basket is an essential tool for making European country bread. Its purpose is mainly used in the last fermentation and molding. The imprints of the rattan fermentation baskets can be naturally embedded into the dough when the dough is fermented

So that the outside of the dough forms a simple and bright geometric figure, and then the crack pattern formed by cutting the bag with a sharp knife can decorate the bread in a simple and lovely manner. The pattern is still clearly visible.

Natural environmental protection

Using natural Indonesian rattan, it is non-toxic, harmless, healthy and environmentally friendly, and durable.

One-time molding

It is specially used for the fermentation and molding of European-style bread. The surface of the finished product will have beautiful geometric figures, which are simple and bright.


Using pure hand-made, occasionally there are a few inevitable seams, but it will not affect the use.


Before using it for the first time, please rinse it with clean water to remove the residue from the production process and dry it thoroughly.

Before putting the dough into the dough, please evenly sprinkle a layer of dry flour to prevent sticking, and it is also convenient to pour out the dough after fermentation.

After each use, please tap lightly to shake out the flour in the gap of the rattan basket and put it away.

Because this product is a purely natural handmade product, it will have the natural gas smell of rattan in the initial use. Please keep it ventilated. After a period of use, it will improve.

Rinse with clean water during daily cleaning. Chemical detergents are not suitable. It is not conducive to the care of rattan products, and it is difficult to clean. It is absorbed by rattan and returns to the dough, which is harmful to human health.

Please minimize the number of washing times and keep it dry to avoid moldy caused by prolonged exposure to a humid environment.


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