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Bamboo weaving crafts production process

宁可食无肉,不可居无竹。 无肉令人瘦,无竹令人俗。 人瘦尚可肥,士俗不可医。 –苏轼 In ancient times, a gentleman was like a bamboo, both rigid and soft, with high wind and bright knot. Today there are young people like bamboo who stand up to the tide and are tough and strong. Bamboo is simple, not showing off, not showing off, never blooming, but because of its unique beauty, it has attracted many scholars and writers and became their favorite. Bamboo silk button porcelain, in the unexpected encounter with tea, has a real taste of grass and wood. The elegance of bamboo and the tranquility of tea complement each other, and the combination is just right. The combination of bamboo silk and porcelain will make a cup of tea not cold or hot. Among many tea utensils, bamboo silk buckles seem to take you back to the embrace of nature. Today I will talk to you about the process of bamboo silk button porcelain: selecting bamboo, scraping green, breaking bamboo, drying, charcoal roasting, removing knots, slicing, scraping, slicing, rubbing, drawing, and weaving. 1. Choose bamboo, strictly in accordance with the original bamboo of the prime of life of 2~3 years (the mature bamboo is relatively hard and flexible, and the bamboo

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