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Rattan Lamp-Decor Your Dream House

“Imagine a room bathed in a warm, golden glow, where the heart of your home radiates a sense of comfort and elegance. This is not just a space; it’s a sanctuary, illuminated by the humble yet enchanting ‘Rattan Lamp’.” “How does a single piece of furniture transform a room into a haven? What is the secret ingredient that elevates the ambiance of your sanctuary?” “In the world of interior design, the ‘Rattan Lamp’ has emerged as a silent hero. Take the case of the Smith family in London, who replaced their conventional table lamp with a rattan one. The room’s atmosphere shifted from mundane to magical, as the lamp’s intricate weave cast a dance of shadows and light. Or consider the boutique hotel in Paris, where the rattan lamps became the centerpiece of their bohemian-chic decor, attracting design enthusiasts from across the globe.” “According to a recent survey conducted by the International Interior Design Association, rattan furniture, including lamps, has seen a 47% increase in popularity over the past year. This surge is attributed to the growing trend of sustainable and eco-friendly living, a movement that resonates deeply with the European and American markets.” “The rise of the ‘Rattan Lamp’

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Rattan Pendant Lights Professional Sourcing Guide

If you’re looking to source rattan pendant lights for a professional setting, such as a restaurant or hotel, here’s a guide to help you make the process smoother: By following these steps, you’ll be able to source high-quality rattan pendant lights for your professional setting. Sure, here are some additional tips and information to help you source rattan pendant lights for your professional setting: By following these tips and considering these factors, you’ll be able to source high-quality rattan pendant lights that will enhance the decor and ambiance of your professional setting. Certainly, here are some additional things to consider when sourcing rattan pendant lights for a professional setting: By considering these additional factors, you’ll be able to source rattan pendant lights that meet your business’s specific requirements and needs.

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130th Canton Fair to be held both online and offline

The 130th China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) will be held between October 15 and November 3 in an online and offline merged format. 16 product categories in 51 sections will be displayed and a rural vitalization zone will be designated both online and onsite to showcase featured products from these areas. The onsite exhibition will be held in 3 phases as usual, with each phase lasting for 4 days. The total exhibition area reaches 1.185 million m2 and the number of standard booths around 60,000. Chinese representatives of overseas organizations and companies, as well as domestic buyers will be invited to attend the Fair. The online website will develop functions suitable for the onsite event and to bring more visitors to attend the physical Fair. The Canton Fair is a comprehensive international trading event with the longest history, the largest scale, the most complete exhibit variety, and the greatest business turnover in China. Held at the centenary of the CPC, the 130th Canton Fair is of great significance. The Ministry of Commerce will work with Guangdong Provincial Government to improve various plans on exhibition organization, celebration activities and pandemic prevention and control, to further play Canton Fair’s role

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7 Styles Of Home Decor

Pursuit of personality and taste of home accessories After the decoration is completed, use the accessories and furniture that are easy to replace and change positions, such as curtains, craft tablecloths, and decorative handicrafts, decorative ironwork, etc., to furnish and decorate the interior. There are fabrics, paintings, plants, and so on. Home accessories, as a removable decoration, can better reflect the taste of the owner, and it is the finishing touch to create a home atmosphere. home decoration Breaking the boundaries of the traditional decoration industry, recombining handicrafts, textiles, collectibles, lamps, flowers, plants, etc., to form a new concept. Home accessories can comprehensively plan the decoration design plan according to the size and shape of the room space, the owner’s living habits, hobbies, and their respective economic conditions, to reflect the owner’s personality and taste. Fashion sense In view of the current home decoration concepts and thoughts, according to the requirements of the occupants’ personality, age, occupation, cultural level, interests, hobbies, etc., it is manifested in a variety of cultural connotations and styles of home decoration and decoration. The styles mainly include The following types. Chinese traditional style Chinese tradition advocates dignity and elegance. Absorb traditional Chinese wooden structures to

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Bamboo weaving crafts production process

宁可食无肉,不可居无竹。 无肉令人瘦,无竹令人俗。 人瘦尚可肥,士俗不可医。 –苏轼 In ancient times, a gentleman was like a bamboo, both rigid and soft, with high wind and bright knot. Today there are young people like bamboo who stand up to the tide and are tough and strong. Bamboo is simple, not showing off, not showing off, never blooming, but because of its unique beauty, it has attracted many scholars and writers and became their favorite. Bamboo silk button porcelain, in the unexpected encounter with tea, has a real taste of grass and wood. The elegance of bamboo and the tranquility of tea complement each other, and the combination is just right. The combination of bamboo silk and porcelain will make a cup of tea not cold or hot. Among many tea utensils, bamboo silk buckles seem to take you back to the embrace of nature. Today I will talk to you about the process of bamboo silk button porcelain: selecting bamboo, scraping green, breaking bamboo, drying, charcoal roasting, removing knots, slicing, scraping, slicing, rubbing, drawing, and weaving. 1. Choose bamboo, strictly in accordance with the original bamboo of the prime of life of 2~3 years (the mature bamboo is relatively hard and flexible, and the bamboo

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Flower basket for myself

I remember, Just like the small flowers in the field. Not many petals, Dor is not big, But colorful and very beautiful. There is less floral fragrance, Without strong sweetness, I feel the fragrance when I reach my nose, I like fragrance. When preparing for life, I am just a blank sheet of paper. When going to society, Start to draw my own little flowers. Paintings one by one, The more you paint, the better. I paint seriously. Whether in the barracks, Whether in the factory, Whether it is soldiers, Whether it is the people, No matter where Are constantly painting. Every little flower, Are pinned on my pursuit and exploration, Every little flower, It is all my hard work and sweat. Draw more, Put together, Weave it, When the curtain call to life, May it be itself, A flower basket dedicated to yourself.

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Illustration of Chinese Bamboo Weaving Technology

The traditional bamboo weaving craft has a long history, it is rich in the crystallization of the hard work of the Chinese Han working people, and now you can see a variety of exquisite bamboo weaving crafts. Some people don’t know the bamboo weaving craft. What are the common bamboo weaving methods? Next, I will briefly introduce you to common bamboo weaving methods. Bamboo weaving process 1.Flat braid The warp and weft strips are pressed one by one, and one is crossed up and down, leaving no gaps in the weft, which is the most widely used knitting method. 2.Four-corner hole braided bottom The strips of warp and weft are picked one by one, pressed one by one, and weaved up and down, arranged in parallel at equal distances, leaving square holes. 3.Rice type braid The strips are crisscrossed and overlapped or gradually expanded (such as fan-shaped), and two weft strips are used to pick one and press the other and weave it from the center to the outer circle. 4.Illustration of Twill Weave In this knitting method, when the second weft of the horizontal weft is woven, the straight one must be spaced apart, two up and two down

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5 kinds of the material storage basket

1.Seagrass Seagrass grows in the shallow sea, after being exposed to the sun, it is flexible and simple; artificial weaving, the product of ingenuity. With the breath of seawater and sunshine. A simple square storage box, with several duties, makes storage easy and artistic. It can be used to put writing fruits and serve as a fruit basket; it can be placed on the coffee table and put some sundries, such as remote control, paper pump, toothpicks… It can be placed in the kitchen to organize the bottles and cans together; it can be placed in the bathroom because there are more things in the bathroom; it can also be placed in the hallway with keys and door cards….. When storing, let the home more spring breath, and bring a bright mood. A binaural storage basket that can be lifted. The storage basket with two more ears becomes cute. You can also bring it when you go on a picnic. If you are a craftsman and have a lot of needles and threads or fabrics, then you will need it; if you like to eat fruit, then you need it, even more, put a basket, enough for a day… If

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Top 11 creative flowers basket

Top 11 creative flowers basket 1.Folding ceramic small vase Ning Ru Huahuo died in splendor and never lived in mediocrity. As the pursuit of free youth, this flower vessel also understands this truth. Therefore, it uses it’s seemingly sharp but in fact smooth water chestnut to carefully guard the greenery in its heart. This kind of spirit must be able to coincide with the free and upward you. 2.Creative felt weaving flowers In the flower world, there is also a place for storage baskets. Who would have thought that the felt woven basket used for storage can also be used as a flower utensil? 3.Creative iron birdcage flower ware Birdcages do not raise birds, they are used to raise plants! I can’t help but admire its unique creativity. The birdcage with a little worn-out traces, and whatever is displayed in it, is full of surprises, let alone put the vibrant green plants in it. The looming cage frame and the entangled green leaves are so beautiful just thinking about it! 4.Geometric metal glass flower Irregular geometric polygons are unique and novel; the combination of glass and metal complements each other. When paired with the cute and healing succulents, it will

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