Thinking About Reed Diffuser

Air freshener at home: the combination of light blue aromatherapy and wood-colored rattan

Under the sunshine, these colors are so fresh, elegant and tranquil. . .

The scientific name of aromatherapy with wooden sticks is called rattan aromatherapy. English name: Reed Diffuser Literally translated as Reed Diffuser, known in the industry as “rattan aromatherapy” and “non-fire aromatherapy”, it is a very popular environmentally friendly air freshener and furniture daily necessities in Europe, America, Japan, South Korea, and other countries.

Rattan aromatherapy started late in the country. The original imported aromatherapy unit price is more than several hundred yuan per copy, which makes it difficult to enter ordinary households.


It is through plants or objects with good water absorption, oil absorption, and volatility, such as rattan or stalk flower, cotton rope, etc., that the essential oil is absorbed into the rattan or flower head, and then distributed into the air to keep the indoor air fresh.


1. Open the bottle cap, and put the bamboo skewer (or wick flower) into the bottle;

2. Turn the volatile stick several times to make the aroma diffuser completely penetrate the volatile stick;

3. Turn the volatile stick upside down once a week for better results.

· If it is used in a small space (such as a bathroom), insert a small number of rattan rods to achieve the effect;

· If it is placed in a large space, the number of rattan rods can be appropriately increased;

· After the aromatherapy is used up, it can be refilled, and the rattan can be used continuously, recycling and environmentally friendly.

The above content seems to be popularizing the knowledge of rattan aromatherapy. More importantly, it is a foreshadowing. The thinking about people triggered by it is as follows.

This matter can be summarized as follows by asking about the usefulness of wooden sticks

We must ensure that we use a thing accurately, accurately, and correctly, according to our personal cognitive abilities, there may be defects, deviations, and even misunderstandings. If you find the reason why it was manufactured, how it was originally defined for its purpose, principle, and correct use method. Only on the basis of knowing these can this thing be better used and its maximum value can be brought into play.

However, he further thought about how to make good use of the objects if it depends on things and people. What about that person? How to better understand the attributes of people, how to better live out the ways and values ​​that people should have?

If one finds the logic of how to be defined to be used to the maximum value through objects, can it be inferred, how to better understand the people who are stubborn, and we must also seek the answer from the source of why people are created and how they are created Woolen cloth?

Who created people?

Why was it created?

What does it do after being created?

I believe that there must be definitions related to these issues somewhere in the world. I believe many people have already explored and discussed such issues. I don’t know if you have considered the above questions. I believe that most people have their own answers. However, I also know that some people may not even consider these questions at all.

But I am very grateful that I have found the answers to these questions in my faith, and I feel the joy, freedom, and release of the truth in my heart. I believe that only after we clarify these human-related issues, if we cannot achieve deep knowledge or at least understanding, then we can better live out the attributes and styles of human beings.

Because at that time

No longer like walking in the dark, looking for the pressure of light all the time,

No longer walking in this world like a blind man, walking and feeling the way,

No longer imitating the world, just renewing the mind and changing, testing the eternal and unchanging truth that was originally defined.


I hope we use our items correctly, read the instructions carefully, understand the essential principles and uses, and use them well.

May we treat our lives correctly, find the right beliefs and truths and stick to them, and live a meaningful life.


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