Top 11 creative flowers basket

Top 11 creative flowers basket

1.Folding ceramic small vase

Ning Ru Huahuo died in splendor and never lived in mediocrity. As the pursuit of free youth, this flower vessel also understands this truth. Therefore, it uses it’s seemingly sharp but in fact smooth water chestnut to carefully guard the greenery in its heart. This kind of spirit must be able to coincide with the free and upward you.

2.Creative felt weaving flowers

In the flower world, there is also a place for storage baskets. Who would have thought that the felt woven basket used for storage can also be used as a flower utensil?

3.Creative iron birdcage flower ware

Birdcages do not raise birds, they are used to raise plants! I can’t help but admire its unique creativity. The birdcage with a little worn-out traces, and whatever is displayed in it, is full of surprises, let alone put the vibrant green plants in it. The looming cage frame and the entangled green leaves are so beautiful just thinking about it!

4.Geometric metal glass flower

Irregular geometric polygons are unique and novel; the combination of glass and metal complements each other. When paired with the cute and healing succulents, it will definitely collide with beautiful sparks. Even if you don’t put green plants, just put them in your home, it can become a piece of Nordic style, showing exquisiteness and creativity.

5.Concrete wrought iron birdcage flower ware

There is no balcony, but there is also a paradise with greenery. It comes from Manhaojia, Germany. It combines concrete and iron art to give it a sense of calmness and weight, as well as lightness and beauty. The design of the imitated birdcage makes it full of creativity in its shape. There are no restrictions on planting and no limitations on varieties. You can do your own DIY to create a beautiful landscape that is unique to you.

6.Zinc alloy floor flower

You can also create a three-dimensional garden at home, without much effort and no major changes to the layout. You only need to add a floor-to-ceiling flower device to make your home beautiful instantly. It is made of zinc alloy with a copper-plated on the surface to make it more textured. Whether it is planting fresh green plants or planting flowers full of flowers, it is a joyful inner choice.

7.Gold foil brushed ceramic flower pot

You have seen flower pots and ceramic products, but JJ promises that such beautiful ceramic flower pots must be unusual for you. It breaks the pattern of traditional ceramics that are as white as washable and uses exquisite gold foil drawing technology to create a very textured surface. With the simple and generous floral arrangement, the sense of grace is beyond words.

8.Creative concrete circular flower

It’s like the perfection of a bright moon, with half-missed green plants, I have never thought that even flowers can be so meaningful. And it is not only its beautiful meaning but also its innovative materials. It is made of concrete, which is simple and unpretentious. In today’s noisy and hustle and bustle of the city, using it can most calm the heart.

9.Can hang seaweed weaving flower

It is another high-value item that straddles two realms. It can be used as a storage basket, and at the same time as a flower vessel, it makes people think about it as a little chicken jelly. It is woven with natural seaweed and has a simple and natural color. With such a flower, whether it is matched with floral art or green plants, it must be able to support their beauty well.

10.Retro blue tinsel flower

Believe in its beauty, it’s not just me that is fascinated. On top of the retro style, it presents a tribute to the years. It is specially designed with concave and convex lines on the surface, coupled with the finishing touch in English so that the whole is highlighted with a touch of harmony. The hemp rope on both sides not only played a decorative role but also allowed him to fulfill his hanging demand. It is very good to use it to place dried flowers~

11.European style retro birdcage flower

The dense and regular plants, planted on retro-distressed European bird cages, are not only small and exquisite but also extremely creative. Clusters of blooming flowers naturally overflow the birdcage. Such beautiful scenery, with a trace of old and mottled traces on the surface. It has gone through the test of time before it comes to you. Such a rare thing is precious, how can you not treat it Be loving?


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